Project Description

I am a polyvalent artist driven by passion and the desire to express my ideas. In 2001 I graduated from university with a diploma in Fine Arts, specialising in Sculpture. By the time I was doing my sculptor career, I got interested in photography, so I bought a Pentax K1000, which I still have, and started to experiment with it. Few years after I finished the university, I moved to Spain where I studied photography and filmmaking. 
As a filmmaker, although most of my personal projects are focused on outdoor activities like climbing, I’m also interested in other subjects, themes, too.
I love to create new images, either bi-dimensional or three-dimensional. I give a part of myself to each sculpture, painting, photo I do.
In my spare time I fly to the Moon and back, travel to North just to see the aurora borealis, count the stars and do other crazy stuff like this. 😉

I keep a smile on my face after I finished them
I worked with awesome people around me
They enriched me with great experience
I do the things I Love.

Never stop creating!

Sometimes when I do my makeup and I go wrong with the eye liner, the first thing that comes in my mind to correct the mistake is cmd+Z. That’s pretty weird and it makes me laugh 🙂

2014 December, “Cityzen”Zenitart, Palma de Mallorca, sculpture
2013 September – Nit del Art, Soller
2013 September – “Puzzle” personal exhibition – painting and sculpture, Palma de Mallorca
2007 January – “Two cities in the same side”, Evento Gallery, Binisalem, Mallorca
2006 May – group exhibition, Galeria Evento, Binisalem, Mallorca
2004 Dicember – “Dentro de mi” personal painting exhibition, Arte San José, Zaragoza, Spain
2004 October – “La vetrina dell’Arte” a San Pietro, Rome, Italy
2004 June – group exhibition, painting, Fuendetodos, Spain
2004 May – “noRA” personal painting exhibition, Arte San José, Zaragoza, Spain
1999 – 2003 – group exhibitions – sculpture, painting, drawing
1999 – group exhibition Copenhagen, Denmark

“You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down.” – Charlie Chaplin