Project Description

Did you ever climb in Mallorca? Did you ever enjoy its fantastic locations? Places like Regana are reasons to make you wish keep coming back again and again to discover it more each time. If you have the chance to travel by boat along the cliffs, or by air, take your time and you’ll be astonished to find out the full potential that this relatively small island has in terms of climbing. In this episode Edu and David will reveal you a completely new climbing venue. A wonderful location, spectacular, peaceful and even relatively small, it presents at least one beautiful line that you can’t miss! It is a “baby venue” so new projects are waiting to be finished and climbed by YOU! A winter location with north wind, Regana turns into another corner of this Paradise called Mallorca! … “when you think you know it all, there’s always something new that surprises you, some small detail that you passed by”