Project Description

Title: What do You Think?
Material: Wood Composition, 6 pieces
Date: 2001
Idea: I’ve quested and it was answered to me: “the Holly Graal”, “I don’t know”, it seems to be glasses. New ideas occurred, some of them passed through my mind once, at the others I never thought of. Each of us see, feels and grasp differently, in his/her own way. The message does or doesn’t reach the recipient. Anyhow, the aim was came across.The artwork exists and selects by itself the ones for communication.The communication and its absence are staying together in a figurative composition in which I’ve tried to emphasise the importance of connections between people just by means of this contrast.People are standing face to face: onlookers and the ones I have imagined as glasses of half glasses. The choice for such representation is not an arbitrary one. I figured people as sacred places, occupied by souls and their inner desire and power of communication with the close one or God, as ground of harmony among them.I represented this relationship as a harmonically one, expressed by two entire glasses and the fluid that connects them.The loose of communication, represented by the half and empty glasses, separated, tells about drama, self isolation.I wonder if it could be filled the emptiness that appears when you can’t reflect yourself in someone or something.